Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why Don't I Feel Different?

According to my calculation, my "non-confirmed pregnancy" should be in its 5th week. So why don't I feel different? Well except for my bulging tummy but I credit that to my huge appetite which then credit to my hormone pill popping self. Oh and my sore boobies. Why don't I feel nauseous at all? Isn't this supposed to be my best friend? Okay, that's a pretty creepy toilet bowl. Also kinda cool hehehe...
Other than the smell of a neighbour making Maggi at the condo a few days ago which made me gag a bit, that was it. See this is why I still cannot believe that I'm pregnant. I don't feel pregnant at all? Should I be worried about this? A friend of mine who just found out that she is 4 weeks pregnant tweets about her loss of appetite and craving for certain food. Me? Nada. Except for when DH forgot to get my Rocky biscuits and I bawled like a baby last week. Does that count? It's frustrating when you're pregnant for the first time and there's no one you can ask because you still want to keep it a secret until you've reached the first trimester hurdle.

Anyway, since I've been feeling hungry almost all the time (another pregnancy symptom?) and have been snacking on unhealthy food to satisfy my hunger (read nasi lemak at 5 pm), I decided to switch to the healthy way and made my own snack box last night for today. Looks yummy enough to eat? I hope so :) I'm gonna try to make this my snacking habit from now on.
Okay I'd better get back to my mountain of work to do before my boss screams bloody murder down my neck. Oh ok so he never does that but hey, I can be dramatic if I want to, can't I?

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