Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Updates! (Finally)

So in my last post I talked about getting a second opinion. I mean after two failed IVFs I figured what's the harm in that. So DH and I talked to a specialist at Pantai Hospital and she recommended a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy procedure, which I did last Monday. I was put under GA, which knocked me out cold within seconds. As much as I love GA, I don't enjoy the aftereffect. I hate waking up groggy and freezing cold in the recovery room. Thankfully the nurses covered me with a thermal blanket which helped somewhat. I also hate the fact that I slur when I talk after a procedure. It's as if I've forgotten how to speak properly. But I did survive the procedure Alhamdulillah.

I am so glad that DH was with me at all times at the hospital, at least until I sent him home to get a good night sleep. I had to share a room with another patient (there wasn't a single room available) and he would have nowhere comfortable to sleep so I sent him home. Lucky thing I did coz I remember being woken up in the middle of the night for my medication and I heard the nurse gently telling the husband of the other patient that he couldn't sleep in the room because I was in the next bed. It's a hospital policy kinda thing. DH came back the next morning to bring me porridge while waiting for the doctor to make her rounds. I had quite a lot of vaginal bleeding after the procedure which is quite common. She explained to me her findings on the surgery although not in detail. We were to see her yesterday for a follow up appointment where she explained everything.  We went to see her yesterday and the bad news is that Dr. Adilah confirmed that my left tube is indeed blocked, that I had a small cyst which she removed and that I have some endometriosis. The worst blow is that she said that there is some obstruction in my uterus. The funny thing is despite all this bad news, I didn't feel sad. I wanted to know if she has seen this kind of condition and whether it can be fixed, and she said yes to both, and that's a relief. I suppose that's all I want to know for now. I want to fix what needs to be fixed and take it from there.

So she prescribed me two types of antibiotics and a type of injectibles. The antibiotics will hopefully treat any infection that I might have (which explains the obstruction in the uterus) and the injectibles will have a menopausal effect i.e. to stop AF to treat my endometriosis. The doctor will also insert a contraption in my uterus to make a gap to clear the obstruction (think IUD) and to facilitate the growth of new tissue. After I take the last of my three injectibles, she will do an x-ray on me and/or a vaginal scan to see if the meds work. I might also have to do another laparoscopy to confirm that everything is in working order. The downside of these meds is that I will have headaches, tummy aches, nausea and I will be hormonal. I actually feel bad for my internal clients who will be more than likely to piss me off on more than one occasions. Oh and apparently the nurse at the ward was supposed to prescribe me antibiotics which were to be taken immediately, but instead she told me to wait for my appointment yesterday. She gave a four meds to be taken with me when I saw the doctor yesterday and when I showed her the antibiotics, the doctor almost fainted with panic. I was lucky that I didn't have any infection or that I hadn't contracted a fever. But my vaginal bleeding still hasn't stopped on account that I didn't take my antibiotics.

I can tell you right now that my tummy already has four scars from all these procedures, but I don't mind. They say scars tell stories, and I do have stories to tell our future child when he/she decides to enter the world. I just hope that our child will appreciate what me and DH have gone through to get him/her here.

The doctor gave me three weeks of medical leave, which surprised me since it was a simple procedure, but I took it anyway, although I'll have to start work tomorrow on account of it being performance review time which I have to complete if I want to get my bonus. I've been spending the days watching Downton Abbey from the beginning (I'm a little bit late to the party). Have you guys seen it? I love it! I have to say the stories of the servants interest me more than those of the lords and ladies of the manor, although Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess is my favourite character on the show.  Anyway, I got bored after a week of staying at home so last Friday I took DH out for dinner as a treat for him for taking such good care of me during my medical leave. He actually made lunch and dinner for me the whole week! I took him to La Risata, an Italian restaurant which has been around since forever but we never got the chance to try it out. I'm so happy to report that the food was delicious! We ordered the seafood pasta, the pizza carbonara and tiramisu for dessert and finished it off with a cup of macchiato each.

DH set up the day bed in front of the telly for me so I wouldn't have to move around too much

So that's the story of my adventure last week. I'll be going back to the real world tomorrow and will see the doctor again next Saturday for my first shot of the injectible. Will let you know how that turns out.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Second Opinion

So DH and I saw another specialist to talk about our fertility issues this morning. Not that I want to replace Prof Hashim, but I just need another doctor to see this from another perspective. It all started when my buttcheek gave me a link to Dr Adilah's (thats the name of this specialist) blog and we decided to check it out. We read her blog and we liked what we read (one post about tubal blockage got us interested) so we decided to see her. DH made the appointment and she had an opening this morning.

To be honest I had no expectation about this morning's appointment. But I was interested to hear what she had to say about my protocol and what her plans are if we decide to switch specialists. Purely by coincidence, my buttcheek's appointment to see her was also this morning. It was nice having her to talk to while waiting for our turn.

When our turn came, we went in and as soon as we sat down and made ourselves comfortable, the first thing she asked was, "okay, what's the story with you guys?" So we told her our history, our two failed IUIs and two miscarriages from IVF. It was a good thing we brought all our IVF documents for her to look at. She took one look at our IVF papers and asked, "how did you know you were pregnant?" I told her I took the HPT and she had this thoughtful look on her face.
Doc: But you took HCG shots?
Me: Yup
Doc: Usually if you take HCG shots when you take HPT the result could be false positive, unless you take it one month after you finish your HCG shots
The moment she said this my immediate thought was that I may not have been pregnant at all both times. Hmmmm...

Aaaaaaanyway, she asked us a few more questions about my blocked tube. It was too bad that we didn't have the result of the laparoscopy so we couldn't really tell her the specifics. Then she told me that she would like to do a vaginal scan on me, which I was too happy to do (apparently I've already started ovulating this month. There's a nice little egg in me right now but it's on my left ovary which sucks coz the left tube is blocked). I also have a retroverted uterus but according to her it's nothing to worry about. She did see some fluid on my right ovary with some specks in them. She couldn't tell if it was blood or something else. But the good news is I don't have any cysts at all. Phew!

Then she gave me two options, whether to start treatment and we'll take it from there, or to do a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy procedure for a thorough check on my tubes and if she can clear the blockage in my left tube. According to her, some of her patients got pregnant naturally after the blockage is cleared. I say, go for it doc!! So the surgery is fixed for next Monday. A bit too soon, but we'll take it. She will also check if I have endometriosis.

We left her office smiling. I told DH that I like her and DH said the same thing. I love that she took the time to explain everything in detail. Even while performing the vaginal scan she asked DH to come over and explained to both of us what she saw. My only complaint is the cost. I had to do some blood tests and the cost came up to RM473. We've been so used to cheap treatment at HUKM (blood test there costs RM5) and because Dr. Adilah practices at a private hospital, the cost will be high, although DH told me that if I really like her than he'll find a way to come up with the money to do IVF with her, if it at all comes to that. Thank God my laparoscopy and hysteroscopy procedures are covered by insurance. Phew!

So that's my story this morning. It was all a bit unplanned but we were happy with the outcome.Now I need to prepare myself for the surgery next Monday. Hopefully, eveything will go well InsyaAllah and hopefully Dr Adilah can perform some miracles so me and DH can finally hold our baby in our arms.