Monday, February 2, 2015

Even the Strongest Break

I broke. I've been putting on a brave front these past couple of days, convincing myself that I was alright. And then on Friday while I was in the shower, I cried. Like really cried. The kind that makes you cry so hard it gives you hiccups and your chest hurts. And then I performed the Asar prayer and cried to Him. So I guess the strongest breaks sometimes.

While having dinner tonight with hubs, I told him that this year we'll have our baby. And he smiled at me. He told me that the fact that we don't have a baby yet does not mean that it's not our rezeki. Well, not entirely. It's because God is testing us, to see how strong we are when faced with His tests. I reminded him that this is our fourth IVF fail, and he smiled at me and reminded me that it means that we're really strong then. My husband is a rock star.

In other news, I told a friend about our IVF fail and she said,"well it's not like you failed an exam." She is the shittiest of all shitheads. She is also now dead to me.