Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Lucky

Some people dream of being treated like a princess by their husbands. Alhamdulillah I'm living that dream. DH has been wonderful throughout this whole procedure. True he could be a drill sergeant most of the time, watching me like a hawk to see what I'm eating and what I'm doing, but he really is a wonderful man. He has taken up most if the housework especially cooking and cleaning and for that I am truly grateful. I know being pregnant does not exempt me from doing my wifely duties but I'm glad he loves me that much to not let me strain myself too much.

I was talking to my embies last night and I told them how wonderful their daddy is and how great a dad he will make and how I can't wait for them to see him. I never thought in a million years that I would be lucky enough to blessed with DH. My parents have a less than perfect marriage and that scares me sometimes. But DH proved to be, well no words can describe him actually.

I hope to see my embabies for the first time tomorrow. I have this irrational fear that although I tested positive four times I could be not pregnant. I guess if I can actually see them on the scan it will be more real to me. It still feels surreal to even say it in my head that I'm pregnant. I don't think this state euphoria mixed with disbelief is gonna end until I give birth and I'm pretty sure it will continue once I have my baby(ies) in my arms. And I'm thankful that DH will be by my side the whole time.

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