Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An Emotional Journey

My buttcheek's IVF date is drawing near and understandably she's very concerned about a lot of things. Plus she has PCOS which is a cause for concern. Apparently my problem was only my blocked tubes and even that gave me a lot to worry about. I suppose it's only natural when you know that there's nothing much you can do except for pray for the best.

There are no words that I can say to make her feel reassured. I can only speak from my experience and truth be told it was a very emotional journey to get to where I am now. The amount of tears that I've cried during this whole journey is unbelievable. And not to mention the waiting. It seems that you have to wait for everything. For the follicles to grow. For the follicles to mature. For the ER. For the ET. The dreaded two week wait. The appointment with the doctor. I didn't know until now the level of patience that I have in me. My hope for my buttcheek is that she will have a smooth IVF journey and I pray that she will have a happy outcome InsyaAllah.

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