Friday, July 31, 2015


Hello chickens! TGIF! Oh yeah! Gosh, it's been a while hasn't it? A lot has happened in the last couple of months. Not all of them interesting. Good news. My cyst has gone completely so I'm back at the gym trying to keep in shape in preparation of our next IVF, whenever that may be. We were initially planning to do a fresh cycle after Eid, which would be this month. But since we're going on our annual long holiday in November, it's not really a good time to do it. So hopefully we'll do it when we come back in December.

My period was late this month by two days, which gave me hope. And then it came. I haven't felt this depressed in a long time and this month I broke. I haven't been feeling all that good mentally the last month or so. The postponement of our IVF contribute I think. I remember yesterday I was sitting in front of my laptop at the office and suddenly my eyes were welling with tears. Sigh...

Anyway, I think I've gotten quite good with my yoga practice. On Wednesday I went for my advanced yoga flow class and we were practising our inversions, headstands, handstands and arm balances with the wall. I used to struggle a lot even with the wall and now I feel like I'm struggling a lot less and I'm getting a lot stronger. I've read that doing inversions help with infertility, so I'm hoping going for my yoga classes will do me a world of good. 

Alright then. I should get back to work. Have a good weekend my chickens!