Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Have Decided...

...that anybody who tells me I'm not pregnant will get their asses kicked. Sure my gestational sac may be small and my hcg level is pretty low but there's an embryo in my uterus and I have faith that my embaby will grow into a healthy baby.

Just because my hcg is low does not mean that it's bad. 82.7 means that I'm pregnant and I'm holding in to that. We went to MAC again this morning to give my blood sample for another beta test. I know that it will increase. I just know it. We're not giving up. Not in a million years. InsyaAllah everything will be okay. Amiiinn

Update - What did I tell you? My baby is a fighter. My beta went up from 82.7 to 182.9. I don't know whether that number is ok for this stage but I'm still so relieved. It means that my baby is growing. I'm praying and hoping that the number will keep increasing. Prof did not tell me to do another test so I guess we'll just have to wait till my appointment on the 29th. Boo. In the meantime I'll have to continue with my daily intake of Duphaston and my twice weekly progesterone shots. To be honest, I don't really mind the pain of having a needle up my ass twice a week. All I want is a healthy baby. InsyaAllah me and DH will have our miracle baby. I've also decided to leave my lilypie ticker for the time being coz right now, I'm not sure how far along I am. I have a suspicion that on the day of the ET my embabies have not finished splitting cells which makes the calculation of the due date a bit weird. I hope that Prof will have me do another scan on the 29th. I really want to see my baby's growth and I know he will. He has DH's strength. I'm not worried. I have faith in all three of us :)

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