Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Smug IVFer

So I was watching The latest episode of Private Practice, the one where Addison is going for IVF with a sperm donor and I must say that it annoyed the heck out of me. There was a scene which showed Dr. What's-His-Face (Julia Robert's ex-boyfriend) scanning her for her follicle count and two minutes after that he said he was ready to extract the eggs. WTF? Is there an IVF marvel that I don't know about? That you can jump straight from follicle counting to ER?

And then it hit me. I'm becoming a smug IVFer. Smack me please. I made a vow with myself that I'm not gonna be one of those "smuggers". Smug married woman. Smug pregnant woman. Smug mother. Who knew that I'm becoming a smug IVFer. Dang! I guess I'm gonna have to bite my lips when I watch the next episode, but please Shonda, do your research first before you put pen to paper.

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