Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Night For Celebration

So tomorrow I'm gonna start work again after a three week break. I'm not sure how I'm gonna handle the pressure at work but InsyaAllah I'll manage. Tonight I took DH out for dinner, in celebration of the wonderful human being that he is. No, it's not his birthday and it's not our anniversary. I just feel so grateful for having him in my life and for taking care of me during our IVF journey. I sometimes forget that I'm not the only going through this. Any good news is our good news to share. And any bad news is our bad news to mourn.

So to celebrate this wonderful man who holds my hand when we sleep, we went out for dinner at a Thai restaurant, Sri Ayutthaya. I have to say that I have a hate relationship with rice at the moment. I can't seem to stomach more than five mouthfuls but for DH, I made an exception tonight. We ordered the chicken soup with coconut milk (yummy), steamed fish (yummy) and petai (stinky beans) with prawns (yummy). I'm so glad DH enjoyed dinner. We both did actually. Although I didn't eat much of the rice, but I devoured the rest.

 My handsome soulmate 

 Stinky beans with prawns

Chicken soup with coconut milk

I swear I took a photo of the steamed fish but it seems to be missing from my phone. Oh well. We certainly had fun tonight. The food was awesome. Thanks Idrina for the recommendation!

Anyway, tonight is for DH. I know that from hereon, whatever happens, good or bad, I will always have him by my side. Alhamdulillah.

Much love,

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