Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's 8dp5dt...

And we have a BFP ladies and gentlemen!! We thought of waiting till Friday to poas but I was too impatient so we did it last night. Yup, that's how impatient I was that I tested at 11 p.m. What? I couldn't wait till the morning? Apparently not hehe. So here's what the tests look like, clear as day. Yes. Tests.

7dp5dt at 11 p.m

8dp5dt at 7.30 a.m.

I am so grateful for this second chance Alhamdulillah. I'm allowing myself to be a bit excited about this. I remember last time I saw a positive mark on a test I was like "meh" because I thought it was too good to be true (and it was). But this time is different. InsyaAllah I will carry my baby(ies) to term. We're going in for our beta test tomorrow. I need to pick up my meds anyway. I'm really hoping for the beta test to read at least 100 (it was 78 the first cycle) and maybe go for another test on Monday. Prof does not make it compulsory for us to do the test but I want to. And then we go again on the 29th for my scan. I'm terrified about this actually but I'm keeping positive.

To those who read my blog, please keep this quiet (I'm that delusional to think that I have many loyal readers :P). So far I have only told three of my best friends and of course my BBC girlfriends. One of my best friends reaction when I whatsapp-ed her went like this:


Not even my family knows about this. And those who know me on a personal basis (I'm looking at you, office colleagues) please do not ask me about this when I come back to work in one and a half week. I prefer to pretend that this is my little secret. 

So here's to hopefully 9 months of bun(s) in the oven. I would really appreciate your prayers. Will update more soon. I'm gonna get back to watching Friends rerun now. 

Much love,


  1. I am so happy for you! I think it is really great that you got a positive at 11pm. Because your urine was probably diluted so your HCG should be a great number! We are only a little over a week apart. It will be so fun to go through this with a friend! :)

  2. Soooooooooooooooo HAPPY for you girlie! Here's to a strong beta tomorrow! KFMX!


  3. alhamdulilllahhh!!!!!!
    So happyyyy for uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu