Sunday, June 3, 2012

Today Was A Good Day

I'm beginning to realize one thing. When life gets you down, there's nothing like family time to pick you back up again. Nothing like it I swear. This weekend we went to stay at my parents' place. It's my first time coming home after the m/c, and I gotta tell you, it's really good to be with your mom when life sucks. As usual mom made a fuss and cooked up a storm for lunch yesterday. I think there were five different kinds of dishes on the table and DH and I ate till there was nothing left on our plates.

And then last night DH and I went to the movies to watch Snow White and the Huntsman. We haven't been to the movies for so long since I got pregnant and it was good to be out with him on a movie date. Plus Snow White is a pretty cool movie. What made it cool was the evil queen Ravenna played by the gorgeous Charlize Theron and the Huntsman played by Chris "Thor" Hemsworth (yummy!) I didn't care too much for Kristen Stewart. I don't think the girl can act to save her life and she seems to have mistaken a smile for a smirk. Seriously, is it so hard to smile?! Can you tell I'm not a fan? :P But go watch it guys!

Today for lunch I took DH, mom and dad to a Chinese Restaurant at Equatorial for a dim sum lunch treat. The food was quite good (although the buffet menu is pretty limited) but we did stuff ourselves with egg tarts, chicken feet, prawn dumplings, chicken and yam dumplings and even had room for chilled longan for dessert. Dad is not a big fan of dim sum but he did pick out a few things that he really liked. Next month I promised to take them for seafood at Carey Island before we start fasting month. Mom has been talking about wanting to eat good seafood and dad really loves the place, so it's a date with the family! :)

Here are some photos from our dim sum lunch :)

Chicken feet in spicy bean sauce

Can't remember what this is called, but it was yummy!

Me & mum

Oh hello dad!

Me & DH

Oh and I also bought myself a pair of running shoes. I figured that it's about time I get myself in shape. The last time I was really in shape was in high school when I played volleyball for the school. So next weekend I'm gonna drag DH out of bed and go for a walk/jog around the neighborhood. Super excited!

Do you like? :D (please ignore my hairy legs and focus on the shoes :P)

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