Saturday, June 9, 2012


Working in a telco, and especially in a division which serves the whole company has its perks.  I knew Christina Perri was coming to KL and would be performing on Thursday night, and my colleague had been trying to get tickets since the Blue Telco is one of the official sponsors of the show. But, as it turned out my colleague suddenly fell sick and have been "out of commission" since Monday, and so I thought "there goes my chance of getting free tickets".

And then on Wednesday I got a call from one of my internal users asking me if I wanted to go. He said he had two complimentary tickets to the show, so hell yeah I wanna go! Funny thing is, I've only done one agreement with this particular user, so it came as a surprise when he called me up. Must remember to name him as one of my performance reviewers end of this year :P

Since one of my buttcheeks just got pregnant via IVF (yay!) I couldn't bring her along to the show so DH volunteered to go with me. I was afraid that he wouldn't enjoy the show as much since he doesn't really know Christina Perri's songs, but surprisingly he did!

So on Thursday I collected the tickets and after work DH picked me up and we drove to one of the parking lots near KL Live where she was to perform. We figured that walking a short distance to KL Live was better than sitting in traffic for an hour if we were to park our car at KL Live itself. It would have been a better idea if I was wearing my Fit Flops instead of my 2" heels LOL.


When we got to KL Live we bumped into a friend who worked with one of the medias covering the show, and he pulled out two VIP tickets from his pocket and asked us if we wanted them, since he already had his media pass. What luck! 

We quickly made our way to the VIP entrance, and thank God we took the VIP tickets. Because KL Live was a pretty small venue, there were no seats and all the tickets were free standing tickets, but luckily for us the VIP section had seats! Plus there weren't that many people in the VIP section. Yay!!

Now on to the performance. My gosh, I have to say Christina Perri has pipes! She sang most of her songs from her Lovestrong album plus a couple from her upcoming album. Her songs are great, especially the more popular Jar of Hearts, Arms and of course A Thousand Years, but her voice is outstanding! Even DH was surprised that she sounded so good on stage. The music was great too, especially the drums. I'm a little bit in love with her drummer, by the way. Must google him in a bit :D All in all, it was a really fun night. Thank you Nik for the tickets, although we didn't use them in the end. Times like these make me feel good about the work I'm doing with my often times difficult internal clients. 

Here are some pictures from last night.

'Twas really a night to remember. Now if only I can get Jason Mraz tickets for his show on the 19th. Oh Niiiiiiikkkkkk...:D

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