Monday, June 18, 2012


So on Saturday morning DH and I woke up early for Fajr and our morning walk. We decided to be adventurous and attempted to walk across Bukit Indah (where we stay) to Taman TAR, the next neighborhood which is 2.8 km away (according to Google Maps). I didn't enjoy the walk much because of the heavy traffic to get to Taman TAR from our house but as soon as we reached Taman TAR I began to have fun. I like that there are not many vehicles there, and it's much quieter than where we stay.

As we were walking DH saw a path that appears to be a hiking trail and we decided to check it out. Very brave decision considering we only started walking last weekend. Anyway, we followed the trail and found a small creek. Pretty cool eh?

How awesome is this?

We met a guy who told us that the trail could actually lead us back to our home. And DH like a kid was so excited to follow the trail that I didn't have the heart to tell him no. So we walked, and I almost died. We had to hike up the hill for goodness sake!

This is the trail that almost led me to my death (kidding!)

We got to the first tier on the hill and guess what we found? A lake!! I didn't know this place existed and I've been living in Ampang almost my entire life! The view was gorgeous although the lake with its greenish blue water kinda creeped me out a bit. Wonder if there are crocodiles in there. Or snakes. Yikes! There were a couple of people there as well. There was even a lady who tried to sell us insurance. What the???

The beautiful albeit creepy lake

Hello morning sun!

Since we were already halfway up the hill we decided to continue on, brave souls that we were. We met some interesting people up the hill, including a couple of guys who seemed to be a pro at this. They didn't even seem to break a sweat!! By this time I was thirsty as hell. Since we didn't plan on going hiking, we didn't bring any bottled water. Thank God there was a stream and I managed to get a couple of scoopfuls of water. We then continued on to the top of the hill before descending to the foot, which took us around 30 minutes. And the guys we met on the hill was right. We ended up practically behind our house! I was so happy to hear the sounds of vehicles that I wanted to jump off a cliff straight down to the foot of the hill. And then I remembered DH was standing next to me haha. The whole hiking expedition took us 2 1/2 hours to complete (gasp!). By far it was the craziest thing DH and I have ever done throughout or marriage (other than our two IVF cycles). DH was amazed that I didn't complain one bit during our hike. I once told him that my family and I used to go camping and hiking all the time when I was a kid and he didn't believe me. Now he does LOL. 

My tormentor

I'm still sore all over but I think I've lost some weight. Could be because of our walks or the post-natal pills that my mom insisted on me taking to get my body back in shape. So we decided to make this our weekly activity. We're going again this Saturday, and this time I'm bringing at least one litre of bottled water :P

In an unrelated news, one of my BBC friends gave birth this morning (local time). Hooray!! Congrats Kristy! And welcome to the world Adam Alastair and Nathaniel Desmond! :)

Much love,

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