Sunday, October 30, 2011

The embryo transfer

So we were scheduled to do the embryo transfer on 20 October. We went to the clinic bright and early. Well we thought we were early. It turned out that my doc came down to see us for the procedure and we weren't there yet, so we ha to wait a couple more hours. When the time came I was asked to change into the hospital gown and was brought in the procedure room. Then the doc came in with the nurse and he called Wan in to explain to him what was gonna happen.

He said that three eggs were fertilized so he would transfer all three into my uterus. Then he showed us the photo of the three fertilized eggs. They were beautiful. Then he shooed Wan out. I thought it was kinda cute when the doc shouted to the embryologist,"I'm ready for the babies!" LOL. Then he told me to recite the selawat and with Bismillah on his lips he transferred my embryos through a catherer. And then I was wheeled back into the recovery room where I was told to lie down for an hour. I'm not ashamed to say that I spoke to the embryos in my tummy and told them to stck and stay there.

It's been almost two weeks since the transfer and I've been mostly horizontal on my bed from the time I got back from the clinic, except for when I have to get my progesterone shots at the local clinic and to the mall nearby to get a pair of sensible shoes for work. I've had to store my sexy stilletos in the closet. Bummer :P

So far I'm feeling okay except for the intermitten cramps and slight vaginal discharge but I was told that it's the side effect of the progesterone. I had a meltdown yesterday. You see, next Thursday is exactly two weeks from my transfer date and I'm supposed to the POAS then and it freaked me out! I suppose I'm afraid what would happen if the test is negative. How would I feel? How would Wan feel? Are we prepared to do this all over again? I guess I'll just have to wait till next Thursday to find out. Wish me luck! Till then it's back to my 8th book this month. I'm trying to break a record here :D

I'll leave you with a photo of my embryos :)

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