Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Am Sam


I should've listened to my friend when she said not to watch this movie. But darn it Sean Penn and Dakota Fanning is too good a combination to pass. I've seen this movie before and loved it and I was thinking how bad can it be watching it the second time. I mean I cried watching it the first time too. Boy was I wrong. I didn't only cry. I literally sobbed!! The kind of sobbing where you cover your face with a pillow and bawled like a baby.

Sean Penn was AWESOME in this movie and he played the autistic father really well. I believed that he was actually autistic. And Dakota, oh you can never fault this girl. I have always loved her acting and I'm pretty sure she's grounded as well in real life, unlike most young Hollywood actors.

Anyway, yeah I should have stayed away from depressing movies. But heck, when you want something, you want something right? :P

On another note today is Day 3 of Puregon. I told DH that he has to try to administer the shots at least once. He's really a scaredy cat when it comes to injection and he really hates to see me in pain but hey, I don't want to to do this alone. We're in this together right? So yeah, tomorrow I'm making him at least to press the pen. Will let you know how that turns out tomorrow :P


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