Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Easing our worries

Husband decided that a trip to MAC is necessary coz there are still a lot o questions running through our heads about the IVF procedure. So this morning we went to see Prof Hashim and asked him about the procedure and what it involves. He ran through the process where a natural conception takes place and why IV is different. According to him the chances of the eggs fertilizing is about 80%-90% but the percentage for take home baby is only 40% coz there are also other environmental factors to consider. I asked him about the extraction process and it sounds painful although he assured me that I won't be conscious at the time. He also said that my problem could be my tubes coz my uterus lining seems fine. That gave me hope coz if that's the problem then IVF might just work.

I'm glad Wan talked me into going. We did get the answers that we were looking for. Now all we gotta do is get kn the IVF train and enjoy the ride. So here's to IVF and to our future babies InsyaAllah :)

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