Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Here We Go!

My period came this afternoon. I don't know whether I should do the chicken dance or cry till my eyes bleed. In a way I'm kinda excited coz this marks our IVF journey. Disappointed coz it means that I have failed yet again to conceive. BUT I'm tryin to take this all in my stride. I've popped two clomid pills. Doc reduced my dosage from 150mg to 100mg a day coz judging from my last IUI cycle I produced 18 eggs in total out of 150mg clomid and he wants "quality not quantity". So that's done. I read the doa for zuriat before popping the pills. Must remember to do that everytime I do something related to IVF.

I spoke to Wan and he sounded more nervous than I am which is a shocker coz he's usually the calm one. So far I feel fine aside from the period cramps I'm having. We will have to go to MAC on Monday to get my puregon shots started. Hoping and praying this will work. Also praying that I won't be an emotional wreck this whole month. Ha!

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