Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Worst Hit Yet

Yesterday was a bad one. The worst I've had so far. I've been feeling gloomy the whole day for no apparent reason. Thankfully I didn't burst out crying at the office or peole might just confirm their suspicion that I'm a bit crazy.

To make things worse DH's sister called him to tell him that his brother might have Hodgkins Lymphoma. I could tell something was wrong when he was on the phone coz I could hear sniffles. Now DH is not a crier unlike me, so to hear him cry like that was heartbreaking. And it made me so sad because I know that he worries about me and now he worries about his brother too. It's like we can't catch a break dammit!

So yesterday I was convinced that the universe hates me and my efforts in bringing a baby in the world. So what did I do? I climbed on the bed after Maghrib prayer, curled into a ball and sobbed. It was literally the worst point in my life.

But now, looking bad I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I have an excellent support system in my DH, my family and my buttcheeks. Although a few words of encouragement from any one of my buttcheeks would send me on one of my crying episodes :P

I'm praying that today will be a good day. I don't think I can take another day like yesterday. I did have a rocky start this morning though. DH was supposed to try and administer my Puregon this morning so I poked the needle in and asked him to press it but he was struggling with it so much that he gave u
p and let go. And the needle got pulled out from my tummy! So I had to poke myself again. Sigh...Anyway, I should applaud his valiant effort. HR really did try.

I'm gonna end this post with a picture of the reason I cry like a lunatic. Behold the Puregon pen...


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