Thursday, October 6, 2011

Well that went well

So yesterday was CD1 for me. On doc's instructions I started taking clomid yesterday. I'm not sure if it's related but I experienced severe cramps after popping them. So much so that I had to sleep with a hot waer bottle on my tummy all night long. And let's not forget the mood swings. Seriously I felt like slapping everybody who came within one meter from me.

On a brighter note I have found that with the condition I'm in now I can practically get away with everything with DH. Through 6 years of marriage he has always been an excellent husband but yesterday I must day that his rating went up several notches in my book. He made a mug of hot Milo and chicken porridge for dinner. He filled in the water bottle with hot water before I went to bed. He even offered to warm up some milk, to which I declined coz all I wanted to do at that time was sleep off the pain. Excellent, isn't he? :)

Today is CD2. I've already popped my clomid for the day. So far I feel fine. Let's hope this will last. I've also applied for leave tomorrow. I thought of spending the day with DH at the book fair tomorrow in Serdang. I know that one I start my egg retrieval there is no chance he's gonna let me go out except to go to work. I'm trying to enjoy this ride but these cramps are not making it easy! Oh well, tomorrow's another day :)

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