Monday, October 10, 2011

Of Big Bad Wolf, waterworks and Puregon shots

So this week I decided that I've had enough crap thrown my way at the office and decided to take Friday off. Coincidentally it was also the first day of the BBW Sale so it was perfect timing. I needed a distraction from all the treatment anyway. And boy was I glad that I took the day off. The sale was fantastic! It was certainly better than last year's. I actually bought 71 books in total, including some for DH and the orphanage. But hey i paid not more than RM500 for 71 books which was awesome. And it did get my mind off things.

Anyway, last weekend me and DH decided to stay at home just the two of us. It's been a long time since we did just that, and I'm glad we did. Blame it on the Clomid but I was weepy the whole afternoon yesterday. Every little thing would set me off and get the waterworks going. DH watched me in amusement coz he's used to it from my last two rounds of IUI hahhaah.

This morning we went back to HUKM to start my puregon shots. The last time I did this was two years ago. The shot stung a bit but the pain went away after a couple of minutes. We're supposed to go back to do my scan thus Friday and see whether my follicles are growing smoothly or not.

I made DH promise to call me every two hours. I think he's resigned himself to the fact that his wife is gonna be a bit cuckoo this month LOL. But I know he loves me to bits and that's all that matters, right?

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