Friday, April 13, 2012

A Mini Break

So Wednesday was the coronation day of our new King and so was declared a public holiday (yay!). I had loads of plans yesterday. Well, two actually but they took up 80% of the day. One of my buttcheeks will be on her IVF#2 this month too (the first one was aborted coz there wasn't any eggs) and another one is having problems at work. So since the three of us needed a whole load of cheering up, we decided to go for a spa retreat!

We found a place (recommended by a friend) called Khareyana Spa and immediately made a reservation. Our appointment was at 12 noon and one buttcheek, M, and I decided to take train and my other buttcheek, F, would pick us up at the train station. As soon as we hopped on the train M and I started talking and we were so engrossed in our conversation that we actually missed our stop LOL. So we had to get off, hop on the train on the other line and double back hahaha. This has never happened to me before so I found it quite hilarious. As promised F picked us up at the station and we spent a good 15 minutes looking for the spa. Luckily we got there a little bit before noon so there was time to catch our breaths. Thank God we picked this spa coz it was gorgeous. It had a Balinese/Javanese theme and was very calm and serene. We chose the Ken Dedes package which includes a body scrub, massage, vaginal smoke (more of that later) and a bath, all in three glorious hours.

Here a sneak peak

 The walkway separating the individual treatment rooms

The bath tub

The massage was super awesome. It hurt a bit when the masseuse massaged my legs but then again, my legs are one of the most ticklish/sensitive parts of my body. She was lucky that I didn't kick her when she massaged my feet. I once kicked DH for tickling my feet. Hey it was an automatic reaction :P

We did the vaginal smoke thingy, known as "bertangas" which is supposed to reduce vaginal discharge and to tighten whatever is loose down there, if you know what I mean. Basically I had to sit by spreading my legs as wide as I could at a stool pictured below with a sort of small fire emitting smoke underneath. Every now and then the masseuse will fan the fire so the smoke would rise up to my vajayjay. It was an interesting experience I must say. A bit weird but interesting LOL.
 The "bertangas" stool

Us after the spa treatment. Refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!

I'm so glad I did this with my friends. It was exactly what each of us needed. So what did you guys do last weekend?

Much love,

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