Monday, April 23, 2012

CD8 Update

It's CD8 and I'm happy to report that I've been very positive and not a single tear has been shed thus far. I can already feel that this cycle is different from the first one. Even DH commented this morning on our way to work saying that he feels different about this cycle too. I mean we've already been through the worst that could happen i.e. the miscarriage right? And we pulled through and the whole experience made us stronger and more determined.

I haven't told anyone at all about this cycle except for a select few:
1. My parents coz my mom will be staying with me during my bedrest. I didn't even tell my siblings and DH didn't even tell his mom and family
2. My buttcheeks coz they know every single thing that's going on in my life
3. My wonderful BBC ladies coz we cheer each other on
4. My other best friend coz we talk everyday on YM
5. My office clerks and immediate boss so that they can be prepared for my three week break

The main reason why I don't want to tell a lot of people is because of the added pressure and expectation. So we're laying low this time. I figured that what DH and I do for our family is our business and nobody else's.

So anyway, I learned that today is Infertility Awareness Week. Some great blog posts from bloggers I follow on Infertility Awareness Week that I'd like to share. One is from Jay from The Two Week Wait blog here and from Stirrup Queens here. Reading these posts remind me that I am not alone and that whatever I do, Don't Ignore Hope.

Also, have a listen to Jack Savoretti's album "Between The Minds". I love the lyrics, his voice is amazing and the acoustics are excellent. Notable tracks are "Dreamers", "No One's Aware", "Lovely Fool" and "Dr. Frankenstein."

I'm gonna head out to the bookstore in a bit to stock up on my provision for my bed rest LOL. Have a great day everyone!

Much love,

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