Tuesday, April 3, 2012

10 Things About Me

Just thought I'd do something fun today so I'm gonna tell you ten things about myself.

1. I am the second of three siblings (all girls).

2. I used to have 10 Persian cats when I was a kid.

3. I love to read and I find stuff on general knowledge fascinating. Yes I'm a nerd.

4. I love watching cartoons/animated movies. The last animated movie I watched was The Lorax (awesome movie by the way).

5. My husband was my classmate in law school but I only noticed him in our final year (yes I can be oblivious to my surrounding and people around me :P)

6. The one thing that I want most in this world is to be a mother.

7. I am a very impatient person (DH and my mom can vouch for this).

8. I can only listen to mainstream songs on the radio for a short period of time before I get bored. 95% of the songs in my iPod/iPhone are from indie singers/songwriters.

9. I love candies/sweets more than chocolate.

10. I believe with all my heart that one day, InsyaAllah I will become a mother.

There you go. I'll probably put up 10 more things about me in the future. Till then...

Much love,

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  1. From one nerd to another, I really hope you will have your wish.:) Thanks for sharing.