Monday, July 1, 2013

And The Swimmers Are In!

So after five days of my body being pumped with Pergoveris, I poked myself with a needle for the last time this cycle for my Ovidrel shot. I'm getting pretty good with needles yo! Last Saturday was our IUI day. We were there very early for DH to deposit his spermies to be washed. I had to drink four glasses of water to keep my bladder full. By 10.15 we were ready for the procedure. Dr Adilah took one look at the sperm analysis report and marveled at DH's seemingly super swimmers. We had 47 million of those beauties (after being washed) which was excellent according to her. So I laid down and got ready. Apparently I need to learn to relax my pelvis and knees as about 0.5ml of those swimmers trickled back out. Hopefully the rest of them got in safely and well on their way to meet my eggs. I'm under strict instructions from the doctor to be on complete bed rest on Thursday and Friday and to keep my movements to a minimum on Saturday and Sunday. We will have to go back to the hospital next Friday for my beta test. Yikes!

Last shot this cycle (I think) ~ Ovidrel

Post IUI my bladder felt really close to bursting. And by really close I meant if someone put his hand on my belly I would have peed right there and then. And having to wait 30 minutes after the procedure was agonizing. It got so bad that I could barely walk. I must have spent 10 minutes in the loo clearing my bladder LOL.

On the way back home we stopped by PWTC to collect my race kit for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. Hopefully I won't be able to participate in the marathon in December (if you know what I mean:P) but since I already registered and paid for it, I'll be damned if I didn't collect my kit. Totally forgot that there was the Score expo at PWTC and there were all sorts of booths selling sports equipment. By this time I was starting to feel the cramps and walking like an old lady but then I came upon a booth selling Newton shoes at 30% discount. I swear I would have done backflips if I could (and if I knew how to). Got myself a pair of Newton shoes in pink, blue and yellow. I've had my eyes on these shoes for ages. If not for the price RM650 a pair (*faint) I would've gotten them much earlier. Also got myself a water bottle belt and shoelace lock. I would've loved to visit every booth if not for the cramps.

Question: is it safe to go for a run post IUI but before implantation date?

My race kit for SCKLM 

We got ourselves home and by that time the mother of all cramps made its appearance. DH persuaded me to go back to his hometown in Pilah with him since it was the last weekend before Ramadhan and all. I told him that he had to give me at least 2 hours to rest and nurse my cramps before we could go. After 2 hours the pain had subsided a bit although I was still in agony. So I gritted my teeth and went with DH back to Pilah. I managed to sit out on the BBQ that night coz of the pain. I sure as hell was in no position to mingle with people.

The next day, we had a lot of uncooked lamb leftovers from the night before and someone requested that I make lamb curry for lunch.
This I made while still nursing my cramps

So there you have it. The story of IUI #3 (hopefully our last one). I'll update more soon.

In other news, I mixed a packet of instant cereal and it turned out super frothy. Here's the photographic evidence. Doesn't that look disgusting? 

And then I checked the packet and it turns out that the cereal drink expired in 2011. Whaaaaaat?? LOL

Also, check this spinning Egyptian statue and tell me that's not freaky.

Till next time!

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