Thursday, July 4, 2013


I'm in bed on doctor's orders. A much welcome break I must say. This time since Dr Adilah ordered just two days of bed rest, I decided not to tell my boss in advance, although I suspect that he kinda knows that I'm going through treatment right now. It's good not having to think about work. I have learned to ignore phone calls and e-mails from the office although I'm quite anxious to hear anything about the CADP. Oh, I've been selected to participate in the company's talent development program i.e CADP. So far I've had to take online tests and have nominated my peers to rate me. It will be awesome if I'm shortlisted coz it would be great for my career, but we'll see :D

Anyway, for the last two days I get really sleepy really early. On Tuesday I slept at 10pm and yesterday I crawled into bed at 9.30pm. I'm not sure if it's because of all the hormones or because I slept really late on Monday night. Two nights ago I dreamed that I was being locked up in a dark room and I screamed. Apparently I gave DH quite a fright coz I actually screamed in my sleep LOL. A friend casually mentioned that it could be a sign of pregnancy. I prefer not to believe that it is. I used to believe in signs in my last two IVF cycles and it didn't do me any good. Right now I'm just going with flow.

I started Utrogeston today. I have no problem inserting those pills in my lady part coz I'm used to using tampons when AF comes, but it sure is messy! Right now my lower abdomen feels a bit heavy. It has been that way since yesterday. Maybe it's because implantation is expected to happen right about now. I hope that it is because of that. I'm also having AF like cramps since yesterday although AF is only supposed to come in two weeks. 

I have a good feeling about this cycle, but I also know that my feelings cannot be trusted. I believe that Dr Adilah can help me get pregnant. If not this cycle, then one day. For now, I'm just gonna lay in bed, read a book or two and indulge in some online shopping. Hey, I gotta entertain myself right? :P

Till next time!

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