Monday, April 7, 2014

Information Overload

So DH and I just came out from Dr. Adilah's clinic and wow, was there a lot of information to be processed. We got our IVF schedule, but not before she studied our file from our HUKM days. A bit troubling actually coz she wasn't too happy with our previous protocols at HUKM. Timing was all wrong with our OPU and procedures and all that. And biggest news of the day. Drumroll please! I might not have even been pregnant the last 2 IVFs! Because of the high dosage of hcg that the previous doctor prescribed, it could have been a false positive. Thinking back it makes sense coz when I had my first "miscarriage" Dr Asha didn't find any gestational sac when he scanned me. Hmmm...

Anyway, those are in the past. Moving forward, I'm on track for IVF in May. Because Dr Adilah will be going to Germany end of this month, she wants to prolong my cycle so that AF will come just before she comes back from Germany. She and I both agree that we want her to be involved in this IVF from start to finish. No stand in for me. I'm a bit worried that my AF will be pushed back. Me and suppressed AF don't get along LOL. She gave us a list of meds to get and the schedule, plus her contact details for me to contact her as soon as AF comes to schedule my stims intake. I've got a whole list of stuns to take this time around. Fun stuff!

Hey ho let's go!

Because Dr Adilah is very thorough with her work we are hoping that InsyaAllah this will work for us. She's even keeping aside our file to study as she thinks our case is very "interesting" LOL. And she's only a whatsapp away if we ever need anything. Have I mentioned that we absolutely love her? Yes we do! 

Well, I gotta get back to the office. Dang that was a long appointment! I'm exhausted!

Have a good week!


  1. Oh...she is very thorough :-) I miss nak jumpa dia... but my treatment plan dah kena postponed to bulan nov (adeh...lambatnya...). Timing just not right sekarang ni... heheheh... Anyway, all the best ya :-)

    1. Thanks ST! And good luck to you too :)

  2. doc adilah mmg best sgt.. suka tgk muka dia yg lembut tu.. sy doakan 3rd icsi awak berjaya.. dan dipermudahkan.. amin..