Thursday, December 1, 2011

So What Happened Doc?

So DH and I went to the clinic for our appointment. The first thing the nurse asked me when she saw me was whether I was continuing with my meds. I told her I've stopped and she asked me why so I told her about the miscarriage. She looked so crestfallen it made ME sad LOL.

Saw my doctor and he looked at us and told us that he didn't have any explanation as to why I miscarried. According to him I had no infection and no fibroid so he was every bit as puzzled as I was. But he said there could be two reasons:

One: my baby rejected my body. How depressing is that? My baby is not even born and he already rejected me.

Two: my egg could be not mature enough when we did the ET which prevented it from further growth.

Sigh...well at least Prof looked every bit as upset as I was which I'm so grateful for. It means that he cares.

He gave me two options:

One: do an IUI procedure with a new protocol where he will take more of DH's sperm sample and inject it in my uterus so that it will flow right through my tubes and to the waiting ovum. The percentage of success is up to 40% which is about the same as IVF.

Two: do another round of IVF but this time I will have to take my clomid and progesterone on alternate days to slow down the growth of my follicles.

DH is more inclined towards the new IUI protocol. I'm not. I've failed two IUIs before and I'm not too excited to do another one but I'm willing to try again if DH really wants to do it. If we decide to do it we'll do it next month InsyaAllah. In true meantime Prof gave me a month's worth of aspirin to thin my blood so there will be no clots left from the miscarriage. I sure I won't freak out when my next period comes. According to him there'll be PLENTY of blood.

Two days ago Bella told me that her IVF procedure would have to be aborted since she only had two eggs. I felt so sad for her coz I know what disappointment feels like. But she will proceed with IUI with her two eggs. In so hoping that it will work for her. Will be having dinner with her and Taka tonight. Can't wait! I feel like its been ages since I last saw them. Until next time peeps. Toodles!!

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