Thursday, December 8, 2011


So yesterday I had a minor meltdown. Wait, does running to the loo to cry in the middle of the morning count as a meltdown? Coz that was what I did. I think it started when I heard of news of a couple of friends who just found out they are pregnant. I was happy to hear of the pregnancy news, especially from people who have been trying to get pregnant like I am, but God it reminded me of the time when I found I was pregnant and how I loved being pregnant. It became a bit too much for me at one point, hence the meltdown.

I told DH about my meltdown and what he said comforted me. He told me that he will never be angry at me for being upset over the miscarriage because it was my body which experienced the pregnancy and I am the one who would feel the loss more. God I love that man! I don't suppose there's any expiry date for grieving coz I sure didn't get the memo. So I'm gonna continue doing what I'm doing now which is to take one step at a time no matter how long it takes.

On a happier note two of my BBC friends had positive beta this morning! Hooray for Mattie and Mandy!! My BBC board rocks! :)

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