Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Of Baby Bump and BBC

I miss my baby bump. I really do. I know I was only pregnant for six weeks but honest to God I had a baby bump. It was probably because of all the bloating but I did look pregnant. Oh well. There's always next time InsyaAllah. We still haven't decided whether to go with IUI or another round of IVF. Decisions. Decisions.

A BBC friend recently had a miscarriage too. She was 7 weeks pregnant. Another friend on my FB shared her news on her miscarriage this morning. Seriously, enough with the bad news already!

Speaking of BBC, I'm happy to report that I still keep in touch with my community members. Checking my board is something I do every morning and late at night. They are an amazing, strong bunch of women. I can honestly say that women struggling with infertility have an inner strength that we sometimes forget we have. Come on. We've had several disappointments in our struggle and yet we pick ourselves up (after we've done our grieving) and we move on. You can't be any stronger than that, can you? I feel extremely happy reading on high beta numbers and strong heartbeats. And oh gosh, news of multiple pregnancies make me smile like you wouldn't believe. I also share their disappointments, anger and sadness over failed treatments and miscarriages. I have never met any of these women. I probably never will but they are my comrades in the struggle with infertility. If anybody understands what I'm going through (aside from DH and my buttcheeks), it's them. I wish them all the best and loads of babydusts and hopefully one day InsyaAllah I'll join them in sharing my news of high beta number and super strong heartbeats (and maybe multiples!) :)

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