Monday, April 29, 2013

A Holiday, a Funeral and a Manifesto

So two Wednesdays ago, DH, Mom and I boarded the plane and flew all the way to Jakarta. We made this plan since my BFF got the word that she was transferred to her Jakarta office, so we didn't need to stay at a hotel. Well, BFF's place is a service apartment, so technically it's a hotel. We stayed here. Cool, eh?

Hello Jakarta!

We spent three nights in Jakarta. I quite like Jakarta actually. DH did too, despite the massive, and I mean massive traffic jam. Just look at this.

You could be stuck in traffic for an hour just to get from BFF's place to the shopping mall across the street. Across the street! And yeah we took a cab to the mall across the street coz of mom's bad leg. We didn't do anything much there besides shopping. We managed to get our things for umrah, and very cheap too! Things in Jakarta are really cheap so we bough bags full of shawls and clothes. My friend took us to Dian Pelangi's boutique and mom and I bought a prayer attire each. For RM60 a piece, that's pretty darn cheap considering the same thing could fetch almost RM200 in KL. Quite a steal!

The shops in Tanah Abang. Super duper cheap stuff!

We also went up to the highland in Puncak. Nothing much to see there unless you want to sit at the coffeehouse and watch the view from above.

the tea plantation in Puncak

Me & Mom :D

Avocados in many shapes and sizes

Me & BFF at Dian Pelangi's boutique. Don't you just love the carvings behind us?

We returned home on Saturday and on Saturday morning, big sister knocked on my bedroom door and told me that our uncle is gravely ill and that mom wanted to go back to Ipoh to visit him. So I left for Ipoh with big sister and mom and rushed to the hospital. It turns out that uncle had a stroke and was in a coma by the time we got to Ipoh 2 hours later. We were lucky that little sister's friend is a doctor at that hospital and he managed to extract information about our uncle, that he was in critical stage and he had a lung infection to fight. We stayed at the hospital for a good few hours, and since there was nothing we could do we returned home. The next morning at dawn mom called to tell me that uncle has passed away. Again we made a two hour trip back to Batu Gajah for the funeral. It was a sad affair as uncle was well loved. In my mind he will always be dressed in his pagoda t-shirt and pelekat, greeting us excitedly whenever we came to visit. May you rest in peace uncle. 

Okay, enough of dreary stuff. Have you read this post by Stirrup Queens? I read it and I loved it! It's an infertility manifesto and it speaks to me. Loudly. Stirrup Queens wrote with such eloquence and I dare any infertile to disagree with me on this, she wrote what we infertiles feel and think every single day. Have a read you guys, and let the words speak to you, just as they did me. 

Have a fun filled week ahead!

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