Monday, April 15, 2013

And The Countdown Begins!

This time on Wednesday I'll be on the road on my way to the airport with DH and mom for our trip to Jakarta. I so can't wait for this trip. One of my BFFs is working there and so we're crashing her place here:

Somerset Grand Citra Jakarta
She has kindly prepared an itinerary for us. I'll tell you more about our trip when we come back on Saturday, but just a little sneak peak, we'll be going mostly to Tanah Abang, Bogor and Puncak. DH and I need to do our shopping for Umrah, and what better way than to shop in Jakarta where you can get most of the stuff for cheap prices! And speaking of Jakarta, DH and I went to the Flea Market at The Curve on Saturday and I was rummaging through scarves and "anak tudung" which were sold there, and we bumped into the sister of my BFF who is in Jakarta. She then whispered to me not to get the scarves at the Flea Market and to get them in Jakarta instead for a fraction of the price. I swear if our luggage back to KL does not explode it will be a miracle LOL.

And last Saturday, DH and I went for our kursus Umrah where the Ustaz talked us through on what to expect and what to do when we're in Madinah and Mekah. I'm excited about this trip too, the kind of excitement that you can't really explain. DH and I have been through so much these past couple of years and I hope that this mini pilgrimage that we'll be doing next month will bring us closer to God and hopefully InsyaAllah our prayers will be answered there. 

To be a part of this...MasyaAllah

A little side note. I'm currently reading this:

I've read the first installment, "A Discovery of Witches" and loved it and I'm halfway through this sequel and can't seem to put down the sequel. If you're into witches and vampires (not the Twilight kind, please) and time travel and a little bit of history, grab this book. Well, grab the prequel first, and then grab this one. I sacrifice my sleep after Fajr prayer for this :P

Ok, will update more when I come back from Jakarta. Happy Monday and have a good week!

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