Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More Updates

Hello good people! How was everyone's weekend? Good? Excellent! Me? I spent Saturday afternoon at Dr. A's clinic with DH to get my final Diphereline shot. Dr. A did a transvaginal scan (hello transvaginal wand! Long time no see!) and saw some fluid which is probably my endometriosis blood. Other than the fluid, everything else appears to be hunky dory. She ordered me to do an HSG test next month at Tawakal Hospital. Not looking forward to that one, I must say. My last HSG test was a nightmare. The pain was indescribable I actually cried while doing the test. This time I asked Dr. A for some painkillers to take before the procedure. Hopefully, this time it won't be as traumatic.

Two must have items while waiting at the clinic: coffee and a good book

After the appointment me and DH headed to SDCC for lunch with the family. It was big sis's birthday last week and we celebrated over dim sum, crispy duck and chicken feet. What better way to spend a birthday eh?
Me, big sis and the cheeky monkeys

Aaaaaah...chicken feet. Love this stuff!

Sunday was spent at the Bird Park. Big Sis wanted to take the cheeky monkeys and since DH had an appointment to see his client, I decided to tag along to the park. I'm glad I did coz in all my 32 years living in KL I have never ever stepped foot at the Bird Park. And I had the best time too!

Jasmine, our photographer for the day

For lunch I took them to one of my favourite restaurants, La Risata. It was mom and Big Sis's first time there and they loved it! We had the salmon ravioli, baked pasta, squid ink pasta and pepperoni pizza (for the kids). We also tried the chicken liver pate which was too die for. Didn't have time to snap photos of what we ate coz we attacked them as soon as the waiter brought them out. 

Mama & Big Sis

So in love am I with this restaurant that just last Friday I took my buttcheeks there for a dinner treat. Bonus was good this year and what better way to spend it than treating your best friends to dinner eh? :D
Love these ladies to death

Glorious food! (or part of :P)

And now it's already Wednesday. One week to our Jakarta trip and I can't wait! What did you do last weekend?


  1. I have been so bad about reading blogs. Finally caught up on yours. Glad things are going ok. Congrats on the bonus and yay for your trip to Japan!!!You deserve it!!!

    1. Thanks Melissa! The trip's still 7 months away but I'm super excited! :D

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