Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Exciting News!

So last Saturday I did my HSG test to see if my tubes are still blocked. I was a bit (read: a lot) traumatized from the first time I did it yonks ago (it was excruciatingly painful), so I was a bit nervous going in the room. I told the radiologist as much and she assured me that she would try to minimize the pain. And she was true to her words. She played it by the ear and managed to push all tu dye in. I wouldn't say the procedure wasn't painful at all, it felt like I was having menstrual cramp the whole time. When we were done she told me that all the due went through which was a surprise to me since previous RE told me that my left tube was blocked. 

On Tuesday I went to see Dr Adilah and gave her the radiology test result and x-ray film, and she gave me the good news. My tubes are fine! Wait what?! (cue the cartwheels and somersaults) Well, except for a minor obstruction in my right tube, everything looks fine. She recommended for an IUI procedure instead of IVF and said that if everything goes well, she's hoping that I will get pregnant the first try. I'm happy to go along with her plan. There's something about her that makes me trust her and if she says that IUI is the way to go, then I'll do it.

So that's what we're gonna do. Dr Adilah is expecting AF to come by end of the month and I'll have to start taking my injections on day 3. I can't wait! I'm feeling very hopeful for this cycle to work out, though I'm also being very cautious. 

I'll be leaving for the Holy Land on Tuesday and I'm hoping that He answer my prayers on this spiritual journey I'm making, insyaAllah. Will update more once I start my meds. 

Have a good weekend my chickadees!

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