Sunday, June 22, 2014

Polyp? Autoimmune disease? What?

So I had my hysteroscopy on Thursday evening and my RE found that everything is A-ok. Surprise surprise. I think she's a a bit at loss as to how to fix me. She did find a small polyp though, removed it and sent it to the lab for testing. She also asked if anyone in my family has a history of arthritis and I told her no. She seemed a bit concerned about arthritis which made me concerned. As soon as she stepped out of the room I remembered that my mom had her kneecaps replaced due to osteoarthritis. I texted her and told her but have not received a reply yet. Oh well. My next appointment is next Friday. We'll see what she says and we'll go from there, yes? And hopefully the small polyp is nothing to worry about.

And here's DH exhausted keeping me company at the hospital after a day's work. Poor guy. Too bad the hospital didn't have single rooms available or he could have spent the night in my room :(

In other news, me being stubborn went to the gym this morning and joined the body step class. Told a white lie to DH and fold him that I walked on the treadmill. And whaddaya know, when I came home this evening I started bleeding again. So ladies, lesson number one, no exercise so soon after a hysteroscopy procedure. Lesson number two, never ever tell a white to your husband. Ever.

Also, do people who just had babies only ever talk about their babies in conversations? Must learn to tune this out. I have enough heartaches to last me a lifetime. Yes, this is the bitter me speaking. La di da.

Well, hope you guys had a great weekend!

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