Saturday, June 14, 2014

I'm Pissed

So earlier this week a friend from school texted me out of the blue. After exchanging pleasantries she suddenly asked me how infertility affects my marriage. I told her that Alhamdulillah DH has been very supportive. In fact he was the one who suggested we get checked up 7 years ago.

And then my friend told me that she's also TTC and it's put a strain on her marriage. She said that her husband, like her wants a baby but he doesn't want to get himself checked out, nor does he want to have anything to do with getting treatment from an RE. Now wouldn't that just annoy you? I was downright pissed! Of course I didn't tell her about my feelings and just listened as she poured her heart out. The poor girl really wants to get help and yet she feels so utterly helpless. I suggested that she go see my awesome RE and get herself checked first. And then go home and talk to her husband and persuade him to do the same. Sometimes men just need a little push eh?

I guess I'm really lucky that DH is my biggest cheerleader in our TTC journey. He's never missed an appointment, always been there with me everytime I get my blood tested and keeps me company when I have to stay overnight at the hospital, no matter how uncomfortable the bed is. I'm not saying that a husband has to do all these, but just show support damn it! Your wife is trying to have a baby and it's your damn baby too!

I could tell from the tone of the texts that my friend was on the verge of crying. Maybe she already did and it was so heartbreaking. And it bummed me that I couldn't help her except refer her to my RE and to listen as she told her story. 

I wish there was more awareness about infertility so people know that they can get help. And speaking of, I really wanted to go a fertility forum at Pantai Hospital this morning which my RE is the presenter. I think these forums is a good place to start if you are hesitant to see a doctor for a check up. Know about infertility and find out how the doctor can help. Knowledge is key, people. And guys, if you can't show support for your wives, let me know. I have my fist ready to punch you in the face. 


  1. it is really sad knowing that your partner isn't in the same boat as you. a friend of mine is going through this too. lucky me alhamdulillah DH also is the biggest support of our ttc journey. May Allah bless our husband with a high rank of Jannah

    1. Ameen. Alhamdulillah and good for you! :)