Thursday, May 1, 2014

D for Determination

So since I had some bleeding last Saturday, the doctor told us to come in to the clinic yesterday for a scan. So we did and met the transvaginal wand. Everything looked okay. My uterus showed that AF will be coming real soon and she predicted to come tomorrow, which woul make our plan right in track. There was a small 3cm cyst though on my right ovary but she didn't think it was a cause for concern. If my period comes tomorrow then I will start taking my stims on Monday and ER will be on 14/5. Wow. This is really happening people! I cannot bloody wait. 

In other news, we got back my vitamin D blood test and thyroid result and...drum roll please! My result came back at 175 which was really good! Even the doctor was pleasantly surprised and even told us that it's very rare that her patients show her this kind of result *pattting myself on the back* Looks like religiously taking my multivitamins is paying off. Thank you Blackmore multivitamins. You may test awful but damn you're good! This time around I'm being very diligent in taking my supplements. Every little thing helps right? And I'm very determined to do every thing I can to make this cycle work. 

I'm supposed to collect my stims tomorrow and my next appointment is on 10/5. I feel good about this. InsyaAllah this is it. 

Happy Labour Day friends!


  1. So excited!!! All the best babe. I pun ada appointment gak 14/5 but to check on my fibroid. Hopefully nothing serious. May Allah permudahkan to both of us. Aminnn.....


    1. InsyaAllah takde apa tu and you can get started right away. Amin! :)

  2. cepat je kan masa berlalu... InshaAllah, smg Allah berkati usaha Aiza n hubby this time around...amin...