Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Boss Is Awesome

Seriously. He is. And I'll tell you why. Last week I told him that I plan to take a month off next year for IVF #3 and he...well he laughed and told me that we would discuss it later. Not exactly the reaction I was hoping for. But yesterday while we were killing time while waiting to be called for a meeting he brought the topic up. This is how the conversation went down...

Boss: So how long are you planning to take leave for?
Me: maybe a month or so? After all my projects are done
Boss: what projects are you doing right now?
Me (listing down all my big projects): But I can still work from home if you want
Boss: You did that the last two times and look what happened. This time I want total shutdown. No e-mails and no working from home. We'll discuss how we're gonna make this work later. I need to pace you and not give you heavy workload.

Now THAT I didn't expect. I always knew that boss is a reasonable man but for him to go all out and make sure that I won't be under any stress during IVF #3 is just amazing! Though he managed to slip into the conversation that he still want me to be seconded to ParentCo for a couple of months to get corporate experience but that's also something he'll discuss later. He wants to send somebody who "is capable and will not bring any embarrassment to the Co." Weeee! It's really a nice feeling knowing that your boss thinks you are capable and can get the job done.

Anyway, now that I've got the green light from boss (not that I needed to get his green light in the first place) I must make sure that I finish all my pending work. And not that I'm not excited about IVF #3, the thing that I'm most excited about is staying in bed all day during the one month break, with nothing but my books and my Macbook (for me to watch Friends rerun). No phone calls and e-mails from pesky internal clients. Bring it on!

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