Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hello 33!

So I turned a year older last Wednesday. It was a pretty uneventful birthday for me, to be honest. Mama was admitted to the surgical ward for her knee replacement injury on Tuesday, so I basically spent my birthday in a hospital room. Not a great way to celebrate your birthday huh? But the good thing is, my little sister came back all the way from Sabah to be with Mama and our family and I got to spend a bit of time with her. I haven't seen her since Eid this year and it was nice having her around. We always have a good laugh when we're together. Mama's surgery went well, by the way, and aside from a slight inflammation on the surgical area, she is doing pretty good. She was supposed to be discharged yesterday but because of the inflammation, the doctor has ordered her to stay another night. But she's getting out today yay! Thank God she was in a private room. Since Baba kept her company at night, it's a good thing that the room was pretty comfortable. A stark difference from the general ward.

Anyway, on Friday DH took me out for dinner at Las Vacas. I was craving for a good slab of medium well steak for quite some time, and since I won't be able to eat anymore medium well meat when I start my IVF, I thought, what the heck. We (I especially) had a lovely time. The food was good and with DH sitting next time, it was lovely dinner date. The week before we went to Ampang Point (I can't remember for what exactly) and parked in front of Habib Jewels. And then DH told me that he wanted to have a look around. He went in and straightaway went to the Pandora section. I was looking around when suddenly DH said, "pick one." Whoa!! He said it's a birthday present from him. Yeehaa!!! I know that he had been looking at Pandora for quite some time, but I didn't expect to get one from him. He must have been thinking about my birthday present for quite some time, bless his heart. So I picked my bracelet and my charms and when I was happy with my selection, the sales assistant calculated the total bill and showed it to DH. He didn't even blink, thank God :P It was truly a surprise and I love him for that. So that's the story of how my birthday present came to be.
Beef wrap for appetizer. Yums!

DH's lamb chops. Also yums!

My rib eye steak. I asked for medium well but it was more of a well done :( It was still good though :)

My present from DH 

Me & DH. Thanks for dinner and the present love. xoxo

Ok back to last weekend. Little and big sisters took me out for lunch along with DH, BIL, DS and DD at Sushi Zanmai and we had a blast. BIL is not really a fan of sushi and he went for rice with chicken curry (boo!). Little sister is a lot more adventurous and went for raw oysters (yikes!). I for one cannot stomach raw oysters. Heck I can't even stomach sashimi. DH had a go at one of the oysters and the look on his face when he tried to swallow was priceless! I wish I had taken a photo of him while he went through the torture. His eyes started to water and he really looked like he was going to throw up. Next time BIL started to laugh uncontrollably. Lucky for DH he managed to swallow it and downed it with his green tea. It's safe to say that he won't be eating anymore raw oysters LOL. And then little sis and I went for some shopping. I got these for my friend who will be giving birth next time. Aren't they adorable? I love baby clothes!

Me, big sis & little Jasmine

What I wore for lunch. I was feeling a bit psychedelic :P Scarf (Uniqlo), blouse (MNG), jeggings (Uniqlo), shoes (Lacoste)

That night DH and I took little sister to the Big Bad Wolf Sale. I already got my haul the previous weekend (100 books in total. The books were RM8 each!) and was thinking that I probably won't be getting anymore, but I ended up buying 6 more books. I also got a couple more books for Jasmine and Dani. Jasmine decided to tag along (she's a bookworm like me) and colour me surprise, she actually behaved. I was hesitant to bring her along and made her promise to hold my hand the entire time and she actually did. While I was browsing she picked up a couple of books and started reading while walking next to me at the same time.

How much I spent on the first day of Big Bad Wolf Sale. Eeeekkk!! Money well spent though :P

On Sunday, I took little sister back to the hospital so she can say goodbye to Mama before I send her to the airport. She said she wants to go back in March, but with her busy schedules, we'll see. As usual she and Baba had the usual banter on where she was gonna go after her housemanship is over. We all want her to come back to KL but she seems dead set on staying on in Sabah. I'm gonna try to talk her out of it, but I don't think it's gonna work.

So that's how my birthday week went. And I just realized yesterday that I haven't even had a single birthday cake yet :( Maybe I'll get DH to get me a slice tomorrow tihihi.

Also, my good friend from Babycenter, Melissa gave birth to her bundle of joy on 21st December. Congrats my dear friend. Little Pete is a real cutie :D

Totally unrelated to this post. What I got from Kwerkee last week. Love it!!


  1. Happy Birthday girl!!! Looks like you had a great bday week. Hope your mom makes a speedy recovery! :)


    1. Thanks Princess. Yup I had a wonderful time and my mom's doing great :)

  2. Just catching up on blogs and wanted to wish you a VERY HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Sounds like it was great!!!