Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another Marathon and an Impromptu Team Building

So two weekends ago I went for another marathon with my buttcheek. I know. I surprise myself sometimes too :P But anyway, unlike the Penang Bridge Marathon I didn't quite enjoy this marathon. The theme for this marathon is "run with nature in Kuala Lumpur West". Run with nature did you say? All I saw during the run was mostly houses and construction sites. Blergh...But at least the water stations were where they said they were gonna be. And I did finish the 10 km run, although it took me longer this time, partly because I still had not recovered from my cough and there was a 600 metre steep hill to climb. I swear I felt like collapsing during the uphill climb. But I did it! Hooray!!

Me & buttcheek with our medals

And then last week we got word that we had to join a team building session with the Chief Corporate & Operations Officer's group. It was a last minute thing, mind you, as if they suddenly remembered that Legal Division is under his group. Anyway, we had to come up with a performance during the dinner. At first we decided to do a "dikir barat" but then figured that two days was not enough to practice and memorize the steps. So we finally decided on singing a couple of songs. Thank God our colleague, Syarhan knows how to play pretty well. And who knew, we actually won Best Performance! I almost choked on the honey dew I was eating when they announced it LOL. I actually had fun during the team building although initially I had my reservations. 

Practice session at the boss's room
"The Three Stooges"
The star of the show, Syarhan flanked by us ladies

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