Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What Were They Thinking?

I was having dinner with my buttcheeks today and one of them told us about a girl she met at the office who appeared to be depressed. And my buttcheek asked her what was wrong. It turned out that the girl is pregnant but she doesn't want to be and she was considering terminating the pregnancy because she was afraid that being pregnant would affect her career. What the fish? Firstly, termination the pregnancy is against the religion. And secondly, she was thinking about her career before her family? Sorry but I cannot understand that.

And then my buttcheek went on to tell me about another colleague who is pregnant and whenever her baby kicked her from within, she would get really angry andscold the baby. What kind of mother does that to a baby who is not even born yet? Sometimes I wonder what goes through these women's minds. Oh wait. Maybe I'd be better off not knowing.

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