Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Next Step and My Awesome RE

So DH and I have been talking about when our next IVF will be and DH thinks that we should go see Dr. Adilah in December and probably go through with IVF early next year. Can I just say that I'm not overly excited about this? I mean, I am a pleased with the fact that he has thought of the plan, but I'm also a bit afraid. Okay a lot afraid. Judging from the last two miscarriages, the thought of going through another round kinda scares the shit out of me. But this is something we have to do, and do it we will.

So to prepare me for the next round I hopped on over to Dr. Adilah's blog and in one of her posts where she laid down the statistics of her IVF programme, she was talking about how she's now mulling over her plan to reimburse the IVF cost if the patient's IVF fails, PROVIDED she keeps up her successful pregnancy rate of 40%-50%. For a moment there I was speechless. Here is a doctor who spends every day helping women get pregnant (and she's good at it too) and now she wants to reimburse her patients who are not successful? And I thought of how blessed I am to have found this wonderful wonderful doctor. May Allah bless her and all the other fertility specialists for helping and continuing to help women like me get pregnant.

Now I'm gonna hide in the toilet while I cry tears of joy.


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  2. hi there, I used to blog and stopped after my first miscarriage in March. Just ventured back in blogger to see if there were any ladies like me on a ttc journey... what you say about the need to know your not alone is so true. Thanks for doing the blog, I might not comment much but I'll be reading :-) xxx

    1. Hello Lu. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you get your miracle baby soon :)