Monday, September 9, 2013

Let's Celebrate!

Right. Enough of angry posts. Lets move on shall we? Cool. So DH and I celebrated our 8th anniversary two weeks ago. It was pretty low key, in a good way. DH is never one for grand gestures, so I know not to expect any, and that's totally fine by me. He had already gotten me a pair of diamond earrings a month in advance. I'm still trying to figure what to get for him. I'm a terrible wife, I know. The thing is, it's very difficult to get him a present. He's very picky and if he doesn't like it, it will stay in our dressing table drawer for eternity. Oh well, I'll figure something out, hopefully before next year's anniversary :P

He took me out to a Korean dinner at Koryo-won, which I have been craving for for so long. We had bulgogi and BBQ meat wrapped in lettuce. Awesome awesome stuff. 

Little sister also came home from Sabah for her Eid holiday, albeit a week after we celebrated Eid. But no matter, we still had tremendous fun when she was around as always. Us sisters took mom put for a dim sum lunch. Dad was out of town so that was a bummer. Again, awesome awesome food (I love food. Can you tell?) 

A day before little sister flew back to Sabah, we met up for lunch. This time the whole family (minus husbands and kids) were there. 

Next was a friend's wedding last Saturday. I had great great fun at the wedding. After the stressful week I had, that wedding was all I needed. My best friend flew home from Jakarta to attend the wedding and as usual when she's around, hilarity ensues. Lots of laughs, lots of giggles. Just perfect. 

The wedding cake. Isn't it gorgeous? Made by my best friends's sister :)

While waiting for the solemnization ceremony, we painted our nails. Because why not :P

Best friends

With the gorgeous bride and her new husband

On Sunday DH and I celebrated his 35th birthday. I took him out for dinner at La Risata and my goodness, the food was truly to die for.

This sea bream with spinach and mascarpone cheese was truly to die for

Zuppa de pesce. Very light but quite filling. I die.

So that's what I've been up to last two weeks. Oh and DH and I finally made our hotel bookings for our Japan holiday, but that's another story for another entry.  Till more updates, toodles!

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