Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Long Silence

Wow it's been a while since I last wrote. So much has been happening I don't even know where to start. Let's see...

Got some big news earlier this month. My immediate boss dropped a bombshell that our parent company is requesting for someone from our division to be seconded and my boss asked me if I wanted to go. This was a huge opportunity for me to be known among the bosses at the parent company, and also for me to be exposed to how the parent company operates and to gain experience from it. I so so so wanted to say "yes! I'll do it!" but DH and I have already made plans to see Prof next month so we can start IVF No. 2 in April. But after hearing news about bonus and rating yesterday (scroll further down for more of that) I know that I made the right decision to turn it down.

DH and I also went back to his hometown in Kota Bharu last Thursday and spent three nights there. It was great fun. It's not often that we get to go back and when we do, all we want to do is search for food. I swear to God the food in KB is the best in the country. We had the usual nasi kerabu (blue rice), laksam and sup perut. I also had DH driving all the way to Pauh Sembilan to search for the famous maggi ketam (crab maggi). Thank God it was worth driving around and getting lost for an hour. It was delicious! The sup perut (tripe soup) wasn't so great coz DH brought us to the wrong stall when I already told him that it wasn't the same stall as the last time (hah!)
 Flat noodles in fish broth
 Fresh crab and prawns. Yum!
Sup belut (eel soup)

We also saw DH's dad and his step-mom. It just so happened that his step-mom's daughter (no relation to DH) was getting married on Friday so we popped by the wedding and had delicious food (again). This time it was rice with chicken curry and acar timun (cucumber salad). It was simple yet delicious. It's been a long while since I last went to a wedding where the bride's gift to the groom consists of a tray of condensed milk. Only in KB hehehe. Oh let's not forget the comment made by the groom's brother (whom we met for the first time that day.) He said "keluarga  kalau takde anak tak sempurna" (a family without children is incomplete). For real dude? We just met you five minutes ago and our conversation came to this? But what's a girl (and a boy) to do? We plastered smiles on our faces and pretended to listen to the rest of the conversation. Sigh...The rest of the trip went the same. Food, sleep, more food, more sleep. The best kind of holiday really. 

On Sunday we went to another acupuncture session. This time it hurt a bit when the sensei poked me. Okay it hurt a lot. Yowza!! I think I screamed in pain a couple of time. The sensei told me it was because I had taken the herbal medicine that he prescribed for me the last time. Thank God the only pain that I had to endure was when he pierced the needle. I could actually feel it pricking my ovaries. True story. We'll see if this works, eh?


And one on DH's head hehehe

Now on to more unpleasant news. We got to know our ratings on our performances for last year and they don't look good. It's a shame really. I don't know who to blame. The new system for calculating our marks or certain individuals in the division. All I can say is it's very disappointing. I've been let down once last year and to go through this again pisses me off. I told DH what happened and honest to God I've never heard him curse the way he did yesterday. He was so angry!! I like to think that I work hard and I do my job well. So to be unappreciated like this is really disappointment. Oh well, we'll see what happens when we get our bonus confirmation letter. If it doesn't look good, I think it's time I move on to other (bigger and better) things. We'll see.

Much love,

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