Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hi, my name is Aiza and I'm a book addict.

Those of you who know me well can attest to this. I'm a book addict and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I have about twenty unread books on my bookshelves, but that doesn't stop me from buying at least one new book a month. I love everything about books. I'm a book sniffer. Before I start reading a new book, I always pick it up, turn the pages and bring it to my nose for a good sniff. You may find this weird, but I love now different paper smells differently. I love the woody, oaky smell. Don't believe me? Try it yourself.

I have to thank my dad for this addiction. Since me and my sisters were little, he would always bring us to bookstores and book fairs, and I loved it. I would find a spot in a bookstore, pick up a random book from the shelf and sit down to devour it. I now return the favour by bringing to the bookstores and buying him books. One of my favourite memories of school is going to the library during free periods. I was a frequent borrower. I would dread the time when I had to return the library books that I borrowed at her counter coz that meant the book and I had to part ways. Suffice to say, I always returned the books late. I often ignored the evil eye the librarian gave me. I also didn't mind when my dad picked me up late from school, coz that would mean more time for me spend at the library.

Unfortunately, now that I'm all grown up, have a sometimes stressful job and am married, I have less time to read. But that doesn't stop me from buying books. Oh no siree. During the last Big Bad Book sale (one of the biggest book fairs in the country) I spent about RM800 on books for me and dad. Money well spent I say.

I discovered Book Depository a couple of years and am now a frequent buyer. I love buying books online. Whenever I got a call from the mailing room at the office to pick up a parcel, my heart will skip in anticipation of tearing the package up to get to the book that I ordered. The coolest thing about Book Depository is that the books are super cheap and they offer free shipping to anywhere in the world. Their catalogue is huge and you can find almost any book there.

If you're an avid reader and a book addict, I seriously recommend going to the website and browse. You can click on the link above or the banner on my blog page. You can spend hours browsing, I can assure you. Try it, and you might find something you like. I know I always do. Happy browsing!

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